Who is Rodolfo?

Who is Rodolfo?

Rodolfo’s story begins in 1985 in San Salvador, El Salvador. He was born in the middle of a civil war from which the country has still not recovered to this day. His family moved to Canada in 1987 to make a better life and so that Rodolfo and his two sisters could have opportunities that do not exist in El Salvador.

As Rodolfo grew into a teenager he began to question to the status quo and why things were the way that they were. Rodolfo started questioning the educational system in grade 10 and stopped going to school in grade 11. He didn’t like being put into a “box” and told that he had to think, act, and be a certain way in order to be a functioning member of society.

After Rodolfo left school at 16 he did what any other young male would do that isn’t working or in school. He started to get into trouble. He constantly found himself in physical altercations and then soon after living a high risk lifestyle. This carried into his adult life and became a worry for him and those that cared about him.

One positive that came out of living this kind of lifestyle was that he had a tremendous amount of free time to do what he wanted to do. Rodolfo would read as much as he could and would stay up until 4 or 5 in the morning watching documentaries. His favorite topics were history, philosophy, conspiracies, biographies, business and even just brain teaser kind of books. He never stopped learning throughout these years and, in fact, he learned more than he ever did in school.

At the age of 24 Rodolfo decided to go back to school and got his Business Diploma with a Major in Management from NAIT. This was the beginning of him turning his life around for the better. After getting his diploma, and even while he was in school, he started getting involved in various business ventures. Always looking to learn something and maybe make some money at the same time.

He soon found the Network Marketing industry. He wasn’t too fond of the industry itself but he really loved the training that they did at their meetings. He learned more about business and how to run a business in 6 months of thes