Help Your Dreams Become a Reality

I got to spend the last couple days in a course working on my vision for the next year of my life. Today, Sunday, May 13, 2018, as I sit back and reflect on what I learned, would like to take some time to write about turning goals and dreams into reality.We all have dreams and goals in life. What is the difference between those of us who turn them into reality and those who only dream?

I believe there are some key areas to work on that will improve our odds of living the life that we want to live.

I feel that we need to get specific about what we truly want and what we would like to achieve, we need to manage our time efficiently, and we need to be consistent in our efforts to move forward. Of course, there are other factors, but I feel that if we do these three things well that we will be on our way.

When I say that we need to get specific, I mean that exactly. For example, one person could say that they want to cut two minutes off their total time for running 5km. Another person could say that they want to run the race faster. If the person that wants to cut two minutes, cuts 1 minute and 30 seconds, I would say they still did better than the person that said they want to run faster and shave 30 seconds.

The person that got specific and said two minutes then knows that to cut that much time they need to do much more than someone that is not specific about how much they want to improve. They can design a plan around their goal that ensures the highest rate of success.

It is more difficult to make a plan for a vague goal than it is to design a program for a specific purpose.

I would also add that it is essential to find a way to track your progress when working to achieve a specific result. In this example, it is easy to follow the progress as you can time yourself to see how you are doing.

Having a way to track your progress is vital in case you fall off track and need to regroup. If you have a method to track your progress, then it will be easier to notice when you are behind schedule and easier to catch up.

If you do not have a way to track your progress, then you might not notice you are off schedule until it is too late to change the outcome.

The next tool I want to talk about is time management. We all get 24 hours a day, but the difference between the successful people of the world and the ones that just dream is how they use those 24 hours.

Every time you say yes to something, you are saying NO to something else. Before you say yes to anything, I would advise that you ask yourself this question first. Will this get me closer or further away from where I want to be?

If the answer is further away, then I would suggest not doing it. If it is not getting you closer to where you want to be then why would you want to do it?

I am by no means suggesting that all we do is work and never do anything fun. Quite the opposite. Playing soccer, going to the dog park, and reading books are all things that might not be getting me closer to my goals in an obvious way but are indeed helping me get closer to my ideal life.

Soccer helps keep me fit, happy, and healthy. These are three qualities that I need to be at my best. The dog park allows me to de-stress and to be present and aware. Again, all valuable traits. Reading is priceless. It teaches me in many different ways, and the lessons are endless.

Some activities can be both. Cannabis, for example, is one that can both help me move closer and further from my goals. Each situation is different, and only you will know when it is moving you closer or further. Be honest with yourself when asking this question and be aware of when and why you decide to use. Honesty is always the best medicine.

The last factor, and not the least, I want to talk about is consistency. I believe consistency is the true key to lasting success.

I have had instances where I was doing the work, and everything was going great. I was loving life. Then, the next month, I stopped doing the work and thought the success would continue, but it would only crash and burn.

I wasn’t consistent. I would begin to self-sabotage, read about self-sabotage here. Once I stopped doing the work and thought my past work would be enough to get me by then the results would also end.

Lots of people, myself included, believe that just because they worked their asses off for a period that that will keep carrying them forward.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The work doesn’t stop. We must continue to push forward and keep working.

I like to tell people and myself to do at least one thing every single day that will get you closer to your goals and dreams. That is what consistency is all about.

We all have those days where we want to relax and kick back, and those are the most important days to make sure we do something to get us closer to where we want to be.

These can be some of the most productive days too. I know, for myself, that when I do get work done those days that I feel like a million dollars. I am telling the universe that I care about these goals that much that I am willing to do the work when I would rather be doing something else.

I feel accomplished, and then I can enjoy my extra-curricular activities more knowing that I got my work done already.

I would also suggest that you also ask yourself this question before doing your hobbies or relaxing. Have you done your one thing yet today?

If not, then do it now, and then you have the rest of the day to do everything else.

People love seeing someone who is consistent and who has a great balance of work and life. Someone who plays just as hard as they work.

People can relate to that and people will respect that aspect of your work ethic and life.

Consistency is what makes momentum happen. Momentum is vital to have significant results in life.

I would like to give honorable mention to a few other ideas that can also help us get results.

Find out your why for wanting your goals. Why do you want that $1M business? Why do you want to be a coach? Why do you want to be a best-selling author?

When you dig down and get to your why then you will have lots of fuel to keep you going when you would rather be resting or if you feel like giving up.

Writing down your ideal life and ideal day can help too. Using affirmations to help change limiting beliefs into supporting beliefs.

Finding a coach or a mentor to help you make progress can be an investment that pays off big dividends. If we already knew how and what to do we would be doing it already. Some people can, and want to, help us move forward. We need to ask, or they will not know we need help.

Read every single day. The more you learn, the more you earn. The most successful people ready every single day.

Find someone that will help keep you accountable. Someone that will call you out when you are not following your word or when you are doing something that will take you away from your goals.

Reward yourself for the progress that you do make. This is telling the universe thank you and keep it coming. Gratitude for what we already have puts us in a high vibrational frequency that opens us up to more abundance.

There are a lot of different things we can do to increase our odds of living our dreams. If you would like to have a conversation about working together to help move your life into alignment with where you want to be, then feel free to shoot me a message.

I wish you all the best in your endeavors.

Rodolfo M.