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Rodolfo, StarFox Guardian, is currently studying Shamanism through the Institute of Shamanic Medicine. Their wisdom and knowledge come from the Toltec and Mayan lineages.

Rodolfo was born in El Salvador, meaning that he is a descendant of the Mayan lineage. He was very excited when he found out that this would be the lineage he would be learning from.

Rodolfo is in his second year of the program and is now offering his services to the world. He is also enrolled in a Shamanic Coaching Program and in also starting to learn the tradition of being a Pipe Carrier.

The Medicine Name that was given to Rodolfo through one of his teachers is StarFox Guardian.

Rodolfo is currently offering readings to support people in moving through obstacles that might be blocking their current path.

Through what he has learned in his studies, he can offer you insight into the characteristics you were born with, some phases that you move through life, the energies around you, and how to best move forward.

These readings can be very powerful and can cause you to feel confident and supported while moving forward.

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Free Services

As I progress on my Shamanic Coaching Practicum it is now time that I need to start doing a variety of practice sessions with people in order to fulfill all the criteria to become certified.

This means I am looking for people to practice on. Shamanism is all about awakening to Spirit and the Spirit world and allowing support to guide us on our human journey.

Some of the services I am offering are as follows.

Power Animal Drum Journeys – In-Person only – Meet your Chief Power Animal. Your power animal can be a great guide in supporting you as you journey through this experience we call life. They can support you in many ways once we connect and invite them in. Discover your Power Animal now.

Restoration to Self, to Others, From Others Drum Journeys – In Person Only – these journeys are where we restore the balance of energy to anyone that we might be holding energy on. For example, if I feel I wronged someone in the past this is a way for me to take back my energy from that experience and stop carrying it around. Everything we carry energy on is taking energy from us daily.

Thought Form Recapitulation – In-Person and Online –

This process is a powerful process to start changing the internal dialogue that we have had going on in our lives. Through all our experiences in life, we start to form emotional patterns based on events and emotions we have experienced before, and then we start to react to the world based on these patterns.

It is important to clear these patterns and programs from time to time so that we are not projecting old pains and emotions into new relationships. This can help us calm and quiet the mind, heal old wounds, transcend the ego, and more.

There are some other Drum Journeys and Shamanic Coaching sessions available as well.

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